Delaware News Guild

Who we are

We are the journalists of Delaware Online/The News Journal.

What we aim to do

Our mission is to preserve the quality of our coverage and fight for the future of our newsroom for generations to come.

Why we unionized

Our newsroom, like many others, has endured countless rounds of layoffs and cuts. This, combined with growing health care costs, stagnant salaries and constant staff turnover makes it difficult to maintain the high caliber of journalism that we strive for — and that Delawareans deserve.

The merger of Gannett and Gatehouse Media — both of which have histories of putting profits before the mission of journalism — has created an entirely new company. This is not the same Gannett, which only heightens the uncertainty we already face in our industry.

We want a say in the corporate decisions made about our staff and how we do our jobs. We deserve to have a seat at the table.